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-SiS- vs. LFB
Data 25-01-2004 ore 20:30 Sezione VC Tipo CW
Competizione CB TT Ladder 
Avversario Légion-franco-belge
Risultato Vittoria | 8 - 1
Mappe Stream / ThreeCanyons Modalità TT


the 1st match of TT ladder was veeery strange!

It was strange that LFB don't said a word...we asked "are u ready?" "can we go?" "are u ok?", "2 restart and go, ok?" ... but only few times they answered us...One of LFB team said us: "we can't talk" ... I thought they don't know nothing about english.

so, the match was veeery strange.
They did also a lot of seems to me they wanted it...

ok, about the match: Stream was funny: they give us a good offence (not a so good defence). So the game in stream was quick and funny.
3Canyons was booring because of LFB had some problem, and one of them change side 2 times and played with us a bit of time...we had to spend time to swap him in his team.

At the end...the 1st match of TT ladder was interesting, funny, ... but little easy and without comunication between the 2 teams. IT seems to me a training..not a CW..but it was fun!

I think this evening it would be harded against Force.

By -SiS-Sphinx (Silent Italian Shadows)



Data: 07-06-2011
Sezione: -SiS- Generale
Autore: Blade
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Risultato: 6-21
Data: 18-01-2009
Torneo: CB Ladder Pro
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