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-SiS- vs. ESF
Data 25-04-2004 ore 20:30 Sezione VC Tipo CW
Competizione CB ATG Ladder 
Avversario -={EliteSpecialForces}=- 
Risultato Sconfitta | 14 - 17
Mappe Riverdale / NVA Base Modalità ATG

Well, very hard and close war! We lost 17-14 and BV became 1st in ATG ladder. It is clear that ESF has a great skill and a greater experience with respect to SiS: 77 official cws against 23 played in CB ladders, not counting cups. Considering that we have a lot of server problems during the last month and that we could not train properly (as written in cw report against Force), the final result is not so bad.

NVA: 9-7 for ESF, always the same story, a lot of grenades and great assaults to VC base.

Riverdale: 8-7 for ESF, new map for both clans, perhaps the first time it has been played in ATG official cws. ESF defended a bit better than SiS.

This is the third time we fight against ESF, one time we won and two times we lost, we will see in future

Bye all!

By -SiS-Sgt.Elias (Silent Italian Shadows)

-------------------------- Report Avversari -------------------------

hmm quite strange, because we were 5th, with this ATG match already arranged ... the day before the match we go into hibernation, without any warning emails.. saying 56 days inactive your now in hibernation, a day before the game which now measn we dont go number 1, im unsure on the rules here, but we had a war arranged whilst we were in the ladder then put into hibernation is that right?, and when i was going inactive on the 1 v 1 ladder i got at leats 20 emails for it happend, i diddnt get 1 for the ATG, i havant checked the rules on this recently so i dont know,, ill go have a check now but im sure this isnt fair

By ShOcKa (-={EliteSpecialForces}=-)



Data: 19-06-2010
Sezione: -SiS- Generale
Autore: Elias
SiS vs. [R]
Risultato: 11-21
Data: 21-01-2009
Torneo: CB Ladder Pro
Modalità: SD
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