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-SiS- vs. ESF
Data 18-01-2004 ore 21:00 Sezione VC Tipo CW
Competizione CB ATG Ladder 
Avversario -={EliteSpecialForces}=- 
Risultato Vittoria | 18 - 14
Mappe Stream / Indian Country Modalità ATG

Well, first i wanna say that i'm happy for this victory. Really happy for my guys, the SiS. ESF are hard and powerful, their position in both CB ladders is a concrete proof of this and in a previous match they defeated us badly.
Now deeds. We played on SiS server both maps. First map was Stream, ESF won 5-3 as US while SiS won 5-4 as VC. ESF beated us on our map 9-8. Then we went to IndianCountry, a really difficult map, if you don't have good schemes you don't win against a big clan...we got it and we won both sides, 5-3 assaulting the bunker and 5-2 defending it, total 10-5 for us. The final score is 18-14 for SiS.
Onestly, after Stream i did not think to win the match, ESF players are really hard to kill, great skill. Finally, i have to remark that at the end of the match our server became a bit laggy at intervals , while during the rest of the match it was good.


By -SiS-Sgt.Elias (Silent Italian Shadows)

-------------------------- Report Avversari -------------------------

well you can see these guys have trained, to us atg was for a laff anywayz cos we never played it, but we eneded up second lol, so we shud move down and give that spot 2 clans who really deserve it, because we never train for ATG nor did we train for this match, overall was a good game, although the server was very poor, for most the game our clan had pings over 100, and real pings going over 1000, losing all kinds of packet loss, seemed better for the SIS guys considering i wud be dead before i saw my opponent , anyway we diddnt have a server so i suppose we cant complain really, GG hope 2 see u in the jungle

By ShOcKa (-={EliteSpecialForces}=-)



Data: 16-03-2011
Sezione: BF:Bad Company 2
Autore: Elias
SiS vs. GSF
Risultato: 3-1
Data: 23-02-2011
Torneo: Squad …
Modalità: SR intervista E... intervista E...
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