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Tutorial: IRC [indietro]
Scritto da Elias il 13-02-2007

In questo tutorial raccogliamo alcune utili informazioni per installare un client mIRC, creare un account su Q, creare e gestire un canale L su Quakenet. Abbiamo riportato alcuni testi in inglese vista la loro chiarezza e completezza.


Dopo aver installato, andare nelle options e:
  1. in connect impostare nickname e il nick alternativo
  2. in servers, fare add, inserire il nome del server (es. Quakenet), poi indirizzo IRC, si usa sempre, fare ok
  3. nell'elenco degli IRC server vedrete che compare il nome del server (Quakenet) che avete appena inserito, selezionatelo, cliccate su connect e sarete connessi
  4. un volta dentro si può joinare i vari canali, tra cui /j, /j #5on5.css etc etc
  5. chi vuole può registrarsi a Q per poter ricevere l'op e avere diritti di amminstrazione nel nostro canale, leggere in seguito come fare
  6. cercate in giro per i vari menù, trovate molte opzioni per configurarlo a piacere, compreso il perform (ricordarsi di abilitare perform on connect) e il join automatico in canali

Per informazioni sui comandi di scripting IRC:


Before you can use our services Q and L you will need a Q account, here's how to get one:

Saying 'Hello' to Q

This will create a Q account with the name of the nick you are using at the moment. You do this by using the following command:

/msg Q HELLO

A link where you can obtain your password will be sent to the email address you supplied. You will be required to read and reenter a series of characters before you are given your password. Once you have this password you can then use the AUTH command:

/msg AUTH username password

Where username is identical to the nick you used when you said HELLO.

You can check you are authed using the WHOAMI command:

/msg Q whoami

If you see a message back from Q that includes the line:
-Q( You have authed as userid: 1234567 nick: John
...then you know you have said HELLO and AUTH'd correctly.

Change your Q password

When you say HELLO to Q, you will be assigned a default password. We strongly suggest that you change it. Change your password by using the NEWPASS command:

/msg NEWPASS oldpassword newpassword newpassword (for example, /msg NEWPASS john notjohn notjohn).

Q will acknowledge a successful password change by displaying:
-Q( OK, password changed.

Note that Q will warn you if your password is insecure. Read more about it at How to choose a secure password.

You are now ready to use our services.


1. You need to be authed with Q.

See the Q FAQ.

2. You need to be opped on the channel.

The channel name cannot be longer than 30 chars (including the # sign).
No-one else needs to be opped at this point, giving channel operator status to other users is NOT recommended:

* You may lose the channel due to a takeover.
* Another channel operator may be able to request L before you.
* Do NOT have more than 5 ops!

QuakeNet staff will NOT recover the channel or change flags for you!

3. You need at least 3 other users on the channel.

These other users just have to be on the channel; they do not need to be authed with Q, voiced or opped on the channel.

4. You need to maintain the channel with the above requirements until the request is successful.

Try to request L once in a while (for example every 15 minutes).
There is no static time requirement for requesting L, it will take at least a few hours and could even take DAYS.
You can NOT see how much time is left.
You do not have to ‘start over’ when you get disconnected or when the user count drops below 4. Once you meet the above requirements again, it continues where it left of.

To request L you type: /msg R REQUESTBOT #channel

You replace '#channel' with the actual channel name you want to request L for.

R will give you a reply explaining what the result is (you may also get a reply from L).


You can add/change/remove someone’s access level with L using the CHANLEV command. You cannot change flags on channels where L is suspended.

To add/remove flags from a user based on their current IRC nick:
Write /msg L CHANLEV #channel nick +-flags

To add/remove flags from a user based on their Q account:
Write /msg L CHANLEV #channel #Qaccount +-flags

Note the # prefixing the Q account name!

An example:
/msg L CHANLEV #channel user1 -ao

/msg L CHANLEV #channel #user2 +amo

What access a user has depends on their flags.

v flag
The voice flag gives the user access to get voice and an invite from L

o flag
The op flag gives the user access to get op and voice from L

a flag
The a flag in combination with o or v gives auto-op or auto-voice
ao = auto-op av = auto-voice aov = auto-op

g flag
The g flag in combination with v gives auto-voice
vg = auto-voice ovg = auto-voice with access to get op from L aovg = auto-op

m flag
The master flag gives the user access to add/change/remove someone’s access level
Masters can only add/remove ‘v o a g’ flags
Masters cannot change any flags for other users with +m or +n

n flag
The owner flag gives the user COMPLETE control of the channel.
Any owner is allowed to add/remove any other user, including other owners.



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