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-SiS- vs. NBK
Data 12-12-2003 ore 21:00 Sezione VC Tipo CW
Competizione CB ATG Ladder 
Avversario {Natural Born Killers}
Risultato Sconfitta | 14 - 17
Mappe Stream / Stream Modalità ATG

Good game, very very hard and undecided until the 2nd time of the 2nd match. We played Stream two times, these are the partial scores:

First match
SiS US : 5-3 for NBK
SiS VC : 5-3 for SiS

Second match
SiS US : 5-4 for SiS
SiS VC : 5-1 for NBK

As can be seen, we lost the war due to defensive errors in the end. NBK pilot is hard, he reached the LZ escaping our defense. By the way, we have to underline a couple of things. This is only the second time we officially play Stream in ATG, we don't have a long experience in this map, contrary to NBK (8 times played in 6 ATG CW). So, considering that we have played against one of the strongest (and experienced) clan in CTF ladder (and ATG too) the final score is not so bad (17-14). Correcting our stupid defensive errors, the results would have been different. We are on the right way.

By -SiS-Sgt.Elias (Silent Italian Shadows)

------------------------ Commenti Avversari -----------------------

You guys had good tactics, and it took us a while to figure it out. We haven't trained ATG at all, so tactics isn't our best part of the game. I was only there for the second halve of this match, so can only comment on that part. Bloodhunter, our pilot did a very good job saving our asses a few time, lot of credits to him. But we surely need to play better against Force, who are looking at this result as we did with their match against SiS.

Personally I didn't know SiS at all, I think most of them have a history somewhere else, but it's cool to see such a good performing ATG clan in this ladder.

About the error part, we also made some errors ofcourse, and if we wouldn't have made them the result would a different one as well. Errors are always made during a clanwar, by both sides. If you're guarding one entrance of the base and the enemy is coming in through an other entrance, is this an error? It could have been the other way around as well, sometimes you just have to pick one option among many, and I don't think it's an error if the option you took isn't working out.



Data: 09-12-2009
Sezione: Call of Duty 4
Autore: Elias
SiS vs. =VeNoM=
Risultato: 4-0
Data: 28-02-2011
Torneo: Squad …
Modalità: SR
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