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-SiS- vs. EVKS
Data 29-09-2003 ore 20:30 Sezione VC Tipo CW
Competizione CB ATG Ladder 
Avversario European Vietcong Killing Squad
Risultato Vittoria | 14 - 13
Mappe Storm / NVA Base Modalità ATG

Match started later at 21, not at 20:30 because of 1 player from both clan was late.

Match started in Storm: SiS were Vietcong and EVKS were USA. They have said strange thinks: they said that Black Death would be off like they select in ClanBase (not true lol! red what u sign!) and that we couldn't not have 1 sniper ... :| ??? please EVKS, read the ladder rules!
AND they have won a match using the Radio Man calling one AirStrike ... but we decide to continue to play.
This match ended EVKS(5 points) and SiS(1 point)

So change team. The match was ok, no problem, no discusion. This ended EVKS(zero points) and SiS(5 points).

Change map --> NVA Base. A player of us (SiS-Ryu) had some problem with his we lost 5 or 6 minutes to wait SiS-Killgore to join. EVKS were impatient and they wonted to play 5 Vs 4..... We told "No, wait! because at the beginnign of the match we have waited for your last player to come in!"

So Killgore arrived and match started with EVKS as Vietcong and SiS as USA. And ends with no problem. The result is: EVKS(5 points) and SiS(3 points).

Change team. SiS go Vietcong. During the match I had a problem in the connection...I had to restart my PC. during my absence SiS plaied 2 match in 4 guys, so SiS-Afica arrive and he plaied 1 match, so I return (SiS-Afica left the game) and I plaied the last match.
Match ends EVKS(3 points) and SiS(5 points).

Total --> EVKS (13 points) and SiS (14 points)

By -SiS-Sphinx (Silent Italian Shadows)

----------------------- Commento Avversario ----------------------

What are you all saying?
The real score is just 13-12, we all know that so fill it in or lets replay the full match on our server and shut up about it, ok?
and ur invents? what the h*ll that may mean.... :S
Accept the real result indeed!!!!

By (-EVKS-) Mr.Vain



Data: 13-01-2011
Sezione: BF:Bad Company 2
Autore: LeGioN
SiS vs. mySKi
Risultato: 19-21
Data: 26-02-2008
Torneo: CB ladder
Modalità: SD intervista E... intervista E...
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